Programs & Workshops


Erica Plank

Wednesday, August 9th:

Erica Plank
I am so passionate about what I do. Designing, creating, and providing fun quilt patterns for others’ enjoyment is what Unseen Hands is all about! I am constantly working on new patterns that are unique and fun to make. Workshop will require purchase of template for $15.


Wednesday, September 13th:

Edyta Sitar
“Stars in Quilts” Workshop – Guild Favorite!
This is a splendid workshop to honor one of the most common loved quilt designs – a star. I will help you to create beautiful star blocks and inspire you by sharing my thoughts, knowledge, and star quilts. The “Star in Quilts” workshop features 15 different star patterns. Through these patterns we will look at star blocks, layouts, sashing and different techniques to set stars in quilts. Workshop requires purchase of $40 kit.


Oct 2017 – Lola Jenkins from Omaha, NE will present her lecture titled Mrs. Bubble Buster for both meetings. She is a speaker in much demand with her Master Quilter status. She presents a hilariously funny, informative yet unforgettable program and trunk show that should be turned into a movie. Her workshop will show us how to take the fear out of creating portraits. lolasdesignerquilts.com

Nov 2017 – Shin-hee Chin from Tabor College is a Professor with the Department of Visual Arts. She will present a lecture called A Woman’s Work. Shin-hee has had many solo exhibits and won the top awards at shows here and abroad. She will show how fiber work can be a source of pleasure and power for women. Shinheechin.com

Workshop Registration

Workshop Registration & Policies: Please read the Guild Workshop Policies first before registering for one of our speakers’ workshops.Please be sure to bring and wear your name-tag at workshops so the speaker will know who you are!

Location of Workshops:
All workshops are held Location – Scotish Rite – downstairs, 332 E First, Wichita, and run from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.

Cost of Workshops:
PQG Members – $40
Non-members – $40 + $10 fee

If you are interested in signing up for a workshop, or have questions, stop by the Workshop table at the next Guild meeting; or email us.

Workshops require a sewing machine in good working order along with all general sewing/workshop supplies.