Upcoming Workshops

February Workshop


2023 -2024 Programs

February 2024: Elizabeth Granberg-Jerome
                         Lecture – Think Small for the Wall

March 2024: Diane Harris
                       Lecture – Make Extraordinary Scrap Quilts

April 2024: Kechia Reese
                 Lecture – Over the Top Icing (Crushed Glass Painting)

May 2024: Kelly Ashton
                  Lecture – Spinners, Spirals, & Stars: Hexagons with Movement Without Y-Seams

June 2024: Ronnie Elmore
                   Lecture – Log Cabin Tails/Log Cabin Tails in Miniature

July 2024: Lola Jenkins
                    Lecture – Lola Gone Wild

August 2024: Nancy Swanwick
                    Lecture – Sweet Dreams are Made of These

September 2024: Everyday Stitches
                    Lecture – Talking Quilts with Everyday Stitches