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November 2019 Program

Nancy Swanwick

Nancy Austin Swanwick is a wife, mother, grammie, former high school teacher, and present quilter/teacher/show off. She says she has always enjoyed sewing, and she especially likes challenges. Now that she is retired, she has been in full quilt production, dreaming up, being inspired by, starting and even finishing many projects. She nearly always has at least one quilt in the process of being hand quilted (sometimes two), and several other boxes of ongoing fabric possibilities. One of her featherweights is nearly always set up on the little roll top desk on the north end of the room referred to as the dining room, but more often used as part of her “studio”. This “studio” is complete with a design wall, a small ironing area, and a dining table conveniently placed for a cutting station. Another part of her “studio” is the former nursery at the head of the stairs which contains a Bernina, a serger, and some fabric. Then there’s the sleeping porch, which is where her 8’ waist height cutting table, ironing board, and much more fabric lives. The guest room is the last part of the “studio” where she stores 30+ quilts between visits from kids and grandkids. She is often asked if she sleeps, and she actually does between about 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

She still loves to cook and she does actually have a few obligations outside of her house, but she is happiest when designing, sewing, and quilting — she loves showing her creations to her friends.

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