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TUESDAY, January 12th
1-3 p.m.

January 2021 Program

Best Tips for Borders and Binding

Presented by Lisa Johnson and Jackie Clark

While there are as many ways to border and bind a quilt as there are quilts, Lisa and Jackie have compiled tips from their own experiences on how to successfully add these finishing touches. Let’s face it-if you have made a quilt look bad enough you want to throw it away, we have done that, too. Have you ever had to unstitch a quilt or remove the borders? Yep, we’ve done THAT more than once! Did you decide to not unstitch? SO, you just cut it off. Oh yeah! We are guilty. Honestly, we become experienced by making many mistakes. Lisa Johnson is an accomplished long arm quilter and quilt shop owner of Picket Fence Quilts. Every day, Lisa answers questions about borders – how large or small to make the border and how much fabric is need-ed. Jackie Clark has a long history of being obsessed with quilt bindings! She is a pattern and fabric designer and is currently studying quilt history, fabric dating and doing Quilt Appraisals. Lisa and Jackie have traveled together to quilt markets, and quilt shows, and have worked together judging quilts at local County and State Fairs.

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