We will be IN PERSON! Meetings at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm will be held at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church

1-3 p.m. & 7 p.m.

May 2021 Program

How to Zoom

Presented by Stacy Crundwell

It seems so long ago that we would come on a Tuesday to our Monthly Guild meeting, listen to a speaker, possibly take their workshop the next day, then go home until the following month.

Then…the pandemic hit…and all things changed.

Stay at home orders were put in place, speakers cancelled future meetings, and quilt guilds began to not meet. However, Prairie Quilt Guild’s President found one way or another to connect with as many as possible. Sure, there were some hiccups…but my goodness did she bend over backwards to make the impossible – possible!

To this day, this guild has connected EVERY single month. However, there are MANY guilds that still have not connected. Those guilds will struggle to come back, or may cease to exist now due to this pandemic. After contacting over 30+ speakers in one week, and being told “If you do not have Zoom, we won’t work with you!”, and that was just the ones that contacted me back, I started pushing for Zoom. I know that our Vice-President Elect has had many of the exact same issues. Our board members have been having our meetings via Zoom during the pandemic…and it has been great!

We STILL have speakers that will not book in person yet. We also have the opportunity to book speakers from the other side of the world!! Our guild could NEVER have afforded a speaker from Africa or Australia…. But now…Now we can! How many times have you had just too much to do, feel under the weather, but you still would like to attend guild? How many times have you wanted to attend a workshop, but don’t want to drag your machine or might want to change up some fabric once you see what the speaker actually does? ZOOM IS THE ANSWER!!

The things you learn with Zoom…is not just something you will use only in quilting! Instead of just a phone call to talk to someone across the country, or maybe the other side of the world…you will be able to set up a Zoom meeting! This way you can SEE and TALK to family or friends that you haven’t seen in a while, and you can have multiple people in the conversation too… for FREE! WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE!!!!

I know there has been a lot of changes in our guild this year. I promise you…this is one change that has so many benefits that you will want to come explore! When speaking with Diane with Heartland Quilt Network, her exact words were Zoom or Die! I truly believe that. Our guild has so many opportunities for regrowth… Let’s start exploring them together!

On Wednesday, May 12th, 9 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch at Noon, I will be training people at McDonald’s Sewing Center on How to Zoom! The FREE Workshop will only take 1 hour. Please sign up with Stacy Crundwell, your Vice President. vicepresident@pqgks.com or call 316-550-7818. Let me know your two preferred time slots so I can fit you in!

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