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TUESDAY, September 8th
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September 2020 Program

Jo Oliver

Jo Oliver, a native Kansan, grew up watching her mother sew garments. Mimicking her mother, she piddled with small projects on and off until the ninth grade – the year when all girls took a sewing class in school. Jo was named the seamstress of the year. Sewing slowed then put on hold for college degrees, child rearing, and a career.

Jo’s career began in medicine. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist turned pharmaceutical salesperson. Her career took a rewarding turn when she got laid off. She discovered her love of nature, the earth, and all things beautiful. She trained as a Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardener, giving lectures and offering landscape advice. She retired from Sedgwick County after 17 years, serving as the County’s first recycling coordinator.

In 2010, Jo relaunched her interest in sewing. She took her first quilting class and was immediately drawn to modern quilts. She is a member of and has served in leadership positions in the Wichita Modern Quilt Guild. She’s given lectures, workshops, classes, and demonstrations in the region. She prefers solid fabrics, quilting in negative space, and sharing her love of modern quilts.

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