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We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Scottish Rite Venue, 332 E. First Street, Wichita. (First and Topeka) There is free parking to the north of the building and along the street. Parking across the street is a paid lot. Please pay if you park in the lot to the east of the Scottish Rite Center.


TUESDAY, July 9th
1-3 p.m. | 7-9 p.m.

July 2019 Program

Peggy Martin

Beyond Tradition

Peggy Martin began quilting in 1981, piecing and quilting everything by hand. A few years later, when quicker methods were being discovered, she became hooked on finding faster, easier ways to make quilts. When she began teaching in 1985, she continued to develop more streamlined, fast, fun methods of working. She enjoys expanding on traditional quilts with new variations and color-play. Her favorite quilts are those which are fast, easy to piece, and offer many design possibilities.

Peggy has been presenting programs and workshops at guilds and seminars since 1988. She was selected as the Professional Quilter’s Teacher of the Year in 2010. She is an award-winning quilter and has exhibited in many national shows. She lives in San Diego, California and is married with two grown sons. She specializes in streamlined innovative piecing techniques for both traditional pieced and paper pieced quilts. Peggy is the author of four foundation paper piecing books, two of which are in our guild library.

Peggy will be presenting her lecture / trunk show “Beyond Tradition” at both our afternoon and evening meetings. Expand your creativity by learning how to use traditional quilts as a springboard for design inspiration. See how one idea leads to another, making one small change at a time to come up with totally new ideas and looks. Traditional quilts and the more contemporary ones that result from going one step beyond will be shown and discussed.