Membership Benefits

  • Nationally- or locally-known speakers share their expertise with the Guild each month.
  • Speakers’ workshops cost less for PQG members than they do for non-members.
  • Books and magazines in the Guild’s library are available to members only.
  • At least one annual quilting retreat is organized for Guild members.
  • Programs such as Birthday Block Drawing and the biennial quilt challenge encourage the members’ growth both in skills and friendships.

How to Join

  • Fill out the PQG Membership/Profile Form completely.
  • Write your $45 dues check payable to Prairie Quilt Guild. If you are signing up as a first-time member after April 1st, your dues are only $22.50.
  • Either mail your Profile Sheet and dues check to the address provided on the Profile Sheet OR bring them to the Membership Table at one of the next monthly PQG meetings. (NOTE: If you are mailing your Profile Sheet and dues and would like to receive your membership card through the mail, also enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise, your membership card will be available to you at the Membership Table during the next monthly meeting.)
  • You can also complete your membership form and payment online securely via Cheddar UP here.
  • Be welcomed to the Guild! The best way to do this is to become involved in workshops, a small quilting group, community service projects, any of the various Guild committees, or a just-for-fun event hosted by the Guild.
  • If you have any questions pertaining to Guild membership, please email us.