Board of Directors
President Betty McKenzie
Vice President  Karen Hammond
Vice President Elect Karen Hammond
Secretary Lee Miescher
Treasurer Lynda Miller
Finance Mary Graham
Hospitality Cheryl Jacklovich
Workshops Debbie Schremmer
Membership Kaye Barth
Newsletter Stacy Crundwell
Publicity Joyce Miller
Advertising Karen Roth
Members at Large (afternoon) Debbie Wood Wilma Niemann
Member at Large (evening) Pat Kraus Cheryl Maris

For any Members at Large (afternoon or evening), email

Past President Kendra McBroom
2019-2020 Committee Chairs
Activities Director  
Advisory Mayleen Vinson  
Auditor Mary Simpson
Block of the Month Kathy Huebert, Merilyn Austin
Challenge Quilts Not this year
Charity Quilts Janice Bailey, Kathy Huebert Sue Meyers, Shirley Rogers
Community Quilt Camp Freema Covey, Sharlo Rogers,  Loraine Anderson
Education Grants  Jan McCreary Kris Wheatley, Debbie Jones
Endowment Cheryl Maris
New Member Welcome Linda Timmons  

Nominating Committee

Vera Zehner, Jan Mullinix, Teresa Puetz, Susan Tigard 

Quilt Show 2022 Jan Hutchison Donna Lynden
Retreat Donna Loehr Nila Albrecht
Storage Unit President
Technology Kate Crandell  

Kate Crandell
Stacy Crundwell
June Huie